Ricardo Zamorano's 1/72 AModel T-4 "Sotka"

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Ricardo's comments - The 1/72 AModel T-4 is a kit short run, with only 200 copies made of resin fiberglass and injected plastic. Due to this one must use glue CA or super glue. It is not an easy kit to assemble, but on having seen it completed it is very satisfying - it is an extraordinary plane. The painting used is of type acrylic lacquers (used in cars) only in the cabins, wells of the undercarriage and the interior of the nozzles I used Humbrol. I did not use colors of factory, instead preferring varying tones for the natural metal finish. I preferred the scheme with the tail black and number 101 in yellow - for me it is more attractive. The aircraft principal historical information is: Constructed principally of titanium and steel, it flew in August, 1972 with test pilot Vladimir Ilyushin and navigator Nicolay Alferov. It did fly at Mach 1.8 but Mach 3 was never reached as intended due to the fact that the program of flights was terminated and the whole project T-4 was cancelled. At present it is part of the permanent exhibition of the museum Monino, Moscow.